Emerging technologies

Impala ®

Power management hardware & AI control for off-grid field equipments

Impala® offers advanced power management solutions combined with AI control to enhance the efficiency and reliability of off-grid field equipment. This technology ensures optimal performance in remote and challenging environments by intelligently managing power usage.

UDolph'IA (BPI)

Long-distance underwater communications through bio-mimetism​

UDolph'IA leverages bio-mimetic principles to achieve long-distance underwater communication. This innovative approach enhances connectivity and data transmission in marine environments, supporting various underwater applications.

Xsuite (RS)

Embedded systems network control in harsh environments

Xsuite provides robust control for networks of embedded systems in harsh conditions. Funded by Région Sud, this technology ensures reliable operation and communication in extreme environments, facilitating advanced industrial and environmental applications.

Supion ®

Compact, precise and versatile pressure sensor​

Supion® is a highly compact and accurate pressure sensor designed for versatility in various applications. Its precise measurements and durable design make it suitable for use in demanding environments.


Advanced subaquatic energy harvesting

En'Hamone focuses on harvesting energy from subaquatic sources, providing a sustainable and efficient power solution for underwater systems. This technology supports long-term deployment and operation of marine equipment.

YacEar (BPI)

Very low signals amplification​

YacEar specializes in amplifying very low signals, crucial for sensitive and precise data collection in various applications. Supported by the French government's "Programme d’investissements d’avenir" through BPI, YacEar ensures enhanced signal processing capabilities.

(RS) : XSuite project has been funded by Région Sud
(BPI) : Yacear & U-Dolphia projects have been funded by French government through "Programme d’investissements d’avenir" => BPI

(Hi-France) : X-PERT has got the Hi-France label, proof of innovation & business readiness for investors.