R&D Developments

XPERT R&D Overview

Founded in 2021, XPERT specializes in advanced embedded systems designed to perform in the most demanding environments, ensuring exceptional reliability and performance for industrial operations.

We help communities and industries become more connected, sustainable, and resilient by creating advanced telecommunications infrastructures and ecosystems for marine environments.

We produce solutions and integrate innovative systems and services, enhancing real-time data collection and communication capabilities in marine environments. Our goal is to create a sustainable well-made infrastructure that supports the Internet of Things (IoT), promoting environmental protection, tourism, industrial applications, and safety. 

Here's a breakdown of what we do

IOT Solutions

  1. We create robust industrial connections and mesh networks to ensure reliable data transfer.
  2. Our systems are designed to interconnect multiple components, providing seamless operation.
  3.  We use digital twin technology to simulate and optimize real-world processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.


  1. Our durable, long-lasting enclosures protect sensitive electronics in harsh environments.
  2. We harness ambient energy to power our devices, reducing the need for external power sources.
  3. Our advanced antenna designs ensure reliable communication, even in challenging conditions.
  4. We develop sophisticated analog circuits to provide precise and reliable performance.

Artificial Intelligence

  1. We integrate data from various sensors to provide comprehensive and accurate insights.
  2. Our ultra low-power embedded AI systems can analyze data and make decisions with minimal energy consumption.
  3. We develop machine learning models to analyze data and predict outcomes, helping to optimize operations.
  4. Our systems cybernetics approach ensures that our technologies are robust and adaptive to changing conditions.


  1. We embed encryption technologies to secure data and prevent unauthorized access.
  2. Our signal stealth techniques enhance the security of our communications, making them harder to detect.
  3. We protect networks and users from cyber threats, ensuring the safety and security of our systems.
  4. We secure physical and digital assets within facilities, safeguarding our technologies and data.