SUPION is engineered to operate in the most challenging conditions, including underwater and off-grid locations. This hydrostatic pressure transmitter is designed to measure the pressure of fluids based on the depth below the fluid's surface. It operates on the principle that liquid pressure increases with depth due to gravity.



IMPALA is developed to address the common issues faced by wireless systems, such as high energy consumption and frequent maintenance needs. This intelligent power management solution is based on advanced R&D at XPERT, specifically tailored for the Internet of Things (IoT) applications in harsh environments.


AXOLOT, an advanced telecom gateway designed for Internet of Things (IoT) applications in harsh environments. AXOLOT represents a breakthrough in marine telecommunications, offering robust, reliable, and scalable solutions for real-time data transmission and analysis.


NYVODRO, a groundbreaking autonomous monitoring system designed to perform in the most demanding and harsh environments. NYVODRO is a comprehensive solution that integrates advanced electronics, mechanical systems, and software to provide real-time environmental data collection and monitoring.


Blue Digital Highways is a pioneering initiative designed to develop an advanced marine telecommunications ecosystem. This project will integrate innovative systems and services, enhancing real-time data collection and communication capabilities in marine environments. Our goal is to create a sustainable well-made infrastructure that supports the Internet of Things (IoT), promoting environmental protection, tourism, industrial applications, and safety.