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Supion ® - Ultra Low Power Digital Pressure and Temperature Sensor

Supion ® - Ultra Low Power Digital Pressure and Temperature Sensor

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Discover SUPION: Your Unique B2B Pressure Measurement Solution

Discover the SUPION, a revolutionary sensor designed to meet the industry's most extreme requirements. Whether your business operates in salty marine environments, intense hydrostatic pressure conditions, or drastic temperature variations, the SUPION is your reliable partner for accurate pressure measurement. Featuring state-of-the-art sensor technology, the SUPION excels where other sensors reach their limits. Immerse yourself in monitoring excellence with a sensor designed to withstand and perform in the most hostile conditions.


State-of-the-art Technology and Exceptional Versatility: the SUPION Redefines Industry Standards

It's not just a pressure sensor - the SUPION goes beyond your expectations. In addition to providing reliable pressure measurements down to a couple of bars, the SUPION also incorporates a temperature capture function, extending its field of application. Manufactured using advanced materials such as PEEK, this sensor offers exceptional resistance to high temperatures, up to 260°C, ensuring consistent performance even in extreme environments. Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity combined with a dedicated mobile app facilitates live data visualization, offering an intelligent B2B solution for performance- and reliability-driven businesses.


Uncompromising performance : SUPION, Your Trusted Partner in the Most Demanding Environments

Imagine your business equipped with the SUPION - a pressure and temperature measuring instrument capable of thriving in conditions that other sensors can only dream of overcoming. Enjoy the ultimate versatility, unrivalled durability and peace of mind that only the SUPION can offer. With its waterproof housing and PEEK-protected sensor, this sensor is a true B2B solution ready to meet the challenges of the most demanding industrial environments. Make your company an example of resilience with the SUPION.


Transform Your Business Today: Adopt SUPION for Unrivalled B2B Monitoring

Don't miss the opportunity to optimize your industrial operations with the SUPION. Add it to your basket now to integrate the power of pressure and temperature measurement into your business. Whether you're in the marine, oil or other sectors requiring precise monitoring, the SUPION is the strategic investment that will propel your company towards operational excellence. Order today and discover how the SUPION can transform your approach to monitoring into a compelling competitive advantage.

Invest in precision and durability. Choose SUPION for outstanding performance, even in the harshest environments.

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